European Youth Award 2017: plan.uni

Students are familiar with the problem of creating a semester schedule, spending hours in front of the computer with dozens of websites open to find a bearable combination of courses.

plan.uni is a digital course schedule planner for university students in Vienna to find a combination of courses and extracurriculars that does not overlap with part-time jobs or other duties. In a mathematical sense, creating a schedule with no overlaps is a matter of pure combinatorics and therefore tedious if conducted manually. plan.uni offers an algorithm to do the job quickly, free of charge with access for all. During the term, the online calendar continues to automatically update lecture changes, while users discover other study-related events, such as public lectures around campus and in the city. Building on a barebones version and having discovered that no similar solution exists, the authors have dedicated their holidays to this cause, continuing to improve the app to help thousands of people.


28. November 2017

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Dr. Birgit Kolb

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