European Youth Award 2017: Be Resonsible

Be Responsible is a platform enhancing two-way communication between citizens and public authorities in Montenegro.r abuses observed in everyday urban life.

Inspection authorities use the data collected by a broad smartphone network of participants to trigger problem-solving action. Results of investigations and successful action are published online to ensure transparency or to illicit further comments from users. Comprised of a website, apps and call centers, the Be Responsible platform enables people to report irregularities including fake cash register receipts, violation of consumer rights and other misdeeds in the “grey” economy, misuse of government vehicles or illegal waste dumping to name just a few. The number of submitted reports and follow-up investigations prove that what could not be achieved through years of traditional government-led monitoring, gets results within months of citizen engagement. Be Responsible promotes positive social and institutional behavior, sorely needed in any society seeking progress. “It is very important to respect the rights of citizens in having a quality living standards, and it is as important as to enable citizens to partake in the responsibility of improving their society together with the Authorities, be heard and enjoy transparency that positively impact society. “Be Responsible” allows this dialogue to happen, and facilitates cooperation between Citizens and Public Authorities for a better living for all. It encourage everybody to positively act, Citizens contribute by reporting irregularities, Authorities take responsible actions in a way that addresses its citizens needs. There is no better way to address the needs of your own nation than hearing it from the nation itself, and allowing every body to “Be Responsible”.” – EYA Grand Jury Report


28. November 2017

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Dr. Birgit Kolb

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