European Youth Award 2017: MUB Cargo

MUB cargo is an innovative online platform connecting people who need to transport cargo in a fast and uncomplicated way with transporters that are willing to ship it.

Launched in 2016, MUB cargo already has a growing community of 400 licensed transporters in Portugal, with more than 2000 cargo requests submitted. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface where clients provide information about the item to be transported, which is then listed in an auction for bids by all registered transporters. Each transporter is rated to ensure the quality of the process. Once the bids are in, the client chooses the best option considering both price and the transporter’s rating. During delivery, the client tracks the product in real time and rates the transporter at the end of the process, ensuring quality and accountability. The positive effects on the environment and the potential for boosting local business make MUB cargo a winner.


29. November 2017

Rückfragen an:
Dr. Birgit Kolb

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