European Youth Award 2017: SOS121

SOS121 is a flood protection system providing citizens with as much information as possible to be prepared in a crisis

The project combines IoT devices placed on river banks, a centralized system that processes all data and delivers it to the mobile app and the SOS121 website. Other features include a very attractive and simplified dashboard, an option to see water levels from multiple telemetric units and for users to ask for help, a safety check option and a volunteer database that is managed via the web app by the responsible authority. Users can apply to become volunteers, can get important information at a glance, including manuals and instructions, and can interact with authorities. Volunteers are filtered by expertise, skills and equipment, ready to be called up for deployment by a central notification system. Targetted communication in real time helps authorities and citizens to prepare for emergencies, avoiding panic, casualties and damage.


29. November 2017

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Dr. Birgit Kolb

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