European Youth Award 2017: Box of Words

Box of Words is a personalized language learning platform assisting professionals and expats currently not being served with a simple way to learn a new language.

The platform tailors learning to the needs of users by adapting relevant info. Content personalization begins when the user imports documents containing targeted content into the system. Using proprietary analytics and a decision engine, the learning program identifies the most commonly used words in the documents and generates content to be learned. The user then absorbs the meaning and spelling of words via both visual and auditory learning techniques. The system lets users evaluate their learning with short quizzes, while also providing feedback on their progress. The platform offers five languages and is scalable to add more languages. Box of Words is a convenient way for professionals or people moving to a new country to learn a new language, allowing them to become more productive and conversationally fluent in the workplace in significantly less time. In a globalized world, Box of Words meets the needs of both busy professionals and general users.


28. November 2017

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Dr. Birgit Kolb

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