European Youth Award 2017: Do To Dot

DOT TO DOT is social project enabling creative people to remake the city by connecting waste recycling with local communitites in Scotland.

The project is twofold: a smart, digital community and an on-site remake station. The DOT TO DOT app/mobile-friendly website allows members – remakers – to start their own community projects, exchange knowledge and share resources. It offers design service packs, workshops, events and a DIY library. Based on crowdfunding and non-cash/cash donations, members and volunteers contribute with materials in-kind or time to get free junk-materials and reskilling via remake workshops, training courses, or online tutorials to design and test new products and projects. DOT TO DOT also connects schools, social enterprises, young designers, housing associations, community gardens, municipalities and local stakeholders to design and build live projects from trash so as to transform and remake derelict city sites into community places.


29. November 2017

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Dr. Birgit Kolb

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